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Hello, my name is Ed. I am the tech mascot at Host Surf UK. My job is to represent Host Surf UK and work on personal relationships with customers and customer service Host Surf UK tech team. 

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University of Host Surf

I graduated from University of Host Surf in 2012 in mascot studies and since then I have been storage away inside servers to get to know their inner workings more.


I Work Hard!

Not really, but keep that between me and you. I generally just look good and you will see my name when contacting our sales, billing or customer services out of hours.


Surfing and My Eyes!

Of course on my days off I love surfing! Both the fiber and water waves! You might see me knocking about with my surf board if I’m running a bit late for work, or with my eyes glued to the smartphone! Its true! Stare at it long enough and your eyes will stay like that.

Socialising and chatting to new people, especially on Facebook and twitter. My favourite film is Law Abiding Citizen because of all the action and intelligence of it. Worth the watch if you haven’t seen it. Holidays are the best, I love exploring new countries and learning new languages, specially love the beaches and surfing abroad. Will have to keep an eye on my Facebook and twitter for pics when I’m off traveling.

I’m always up for making new friends and having a chat, so if you want to know anymore please don’t hesitate to ask.


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