Transfer Domain Out

To transfer a domain out of Host Surf UK you should submit a transfer request for the domain at your new registrar, just follow their instructions for your transfer request. If you require for the domain to be unlocked or require EPP code or IPSTag change, you will need to open a […]

Obtain Email Headers

Reporting problems such as spam or undelivered emails may need you to get hold of email headers. An email header is a hidden part of an email which holds information about who sent it, plus the route the email took before it was delivered to you. Find email headers using […]

Received Abuse Ticket

If you receive an abuse ticket regarding email spam, copyright infringement or malicious site files. We recommend you acknowledge these tickets and respond to them as soon as possible to avoid service interruption. We take abuse reports very seriously and we aim to resolve them as soon as possible. If […]

Web Host Manager Initial Setup

Accessing WHM To access the WHM interface: Type https://IP:2087 in your preferred web browser. IP is meant to stand for the IP address of your web server. Use root as the login name in the Username field. Enter the password into the Password field. Click Login.  Initial Setup When you […]

How do I order a SSL Certificate?

If you would like a SSL Certificate you will require a Dedicated IP and these are charged at £2 per month. Contact our Customer Services Team to request a IP. Once you dedicated IP has been assigned to your account you can place an order on our website for a […]

How do I create an email account in cPanel?

You can create new email accounts on cPanel by doing the following steps: STEP 1: Login into cPanel STEP 2: Click on ‘Email Accounts’ STEP3: Input your chosen email address and password into the appropriate boxes and click on ‘Create Account’ You have now succesfully create your email account on cPanel. In […]

Why has my account been suspended for spamming?

We constantly monitor our network and while monitoring spam being sent was detected from your account. To protect our servers and other customers we have had to suspend your account. This can sometimes happen if your website has been compromised (e.g. WordPress, Joomla and other CMS) and your account used […]