Change Hostname

To change the hostname on your VPS or Server please use the following command: #hostname To make the changes even after reboots you will need add/modify the following line in /etc/sysconfig/network: If you with to change this on My.HostSurf please Raise a Ticket to Customer Services.

Creating a welcome message for SSH login

Login into your VPS or Server as root and type the following: pico /etc/motd Now type in the security login message you for users to see when they login to your VPS or Server via SSH. Try something like: This computer system is for authorized users only. All activity is […]

Some hardware failed on my server, what should I do?

Hardware components on our dedicated servers are fully managed. This means we will happily replace any failed component for you, free of charge. Hardware failures can happen, and we know are very frustrating when they do. As a result of the impact they can have upon your service, we will […]

Do you provide vLANs?

Yes, servers can be attached to vLANs so traffic sent between servers is separate and secure from other traffic. We can provide you with a vLAN connection for an additional monthly fee to cover the costs of the port and network traffic.