Why Do I Need a Website for My Business?

Internet has transcended borders, generations and cultures, yet there are businesses that aren’t on the web. They may not have a product they consider worth selling online through a website or may think their business is too small to be on the Internet. While conventional wisdom would justify the above reasons, Internet has evolved and so have users! Today, people go online to research about products and services they need. If you don’t have a website, chances are they will find your competitors who have a website. If you are wondering, why do I need a website for my business, read on to learn how your business can benefit from a website.


Open 24X7: A website makes your business more accessible, it is a store that’s open all the time. People are online most of the time after business hours. When you have a website, you have an employee working for you round the clock throughout the year and it doesn’t need a break or that thing we call sleep, ever! Your regular and potential customers can review your products or services when it is convenient for them.


Portray a positive image: Just creating a webpage isn’t enough anymore, it has to be professional, crisp and easy to navigate. A positive first impression through a website can help your business gain credibility and create a lasting brand loyalty. Today, chances are people take to the Internet to look for more information about your product or service before they contact you. A professionally designed website will keep your visitors engaged and lead to a sale or an inquiry. It will also improve your overall image by building confidence in your business.


Keep ahead of the competition: Your competitors have a website and they are taking a big chunk of your business away if you don’t have a professional website. If you run print ads, you can increase its impact by adding a link to your website. Your website is a powerful tool that can convert leads into sales. Unlike the issues which a physical store faces, your website can level the playing field. Websites like Diapers.com have shown that deep pockets and size of operations (Amazon.com) mean nothing on the internet, all you need is a great business plan.


Save on your marketing budget: Unlike popular belief, a website doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to build and maintain. Building a website is a onetime investment. You can hire a professional web designer to create a website for less than $600. A starter web hosting package generally costs less than $10 per month. Compared with a print ad, a website offers significant cost cutting and a wider reach.


Save time and improve customer service: Face-to-face, phone calls or even email conversations take time and resources. When you have a website, it is not just your online catalog, it’ll help your customers find the information they need on their own. A website can also help improve customer service experience by allowing your customers to reach you when they have a query or an issue after business hours. You can also share tips or advice that will help your customers or create a FAQ section that answers all your customer’s questions.


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