US Unmanaged Servers

Whenever a dedicated server is purchased from a third party company that is hosting the server, one is presented with a choice of opting for an unmanaged or managed server. The choice is basically about the kind of support offered by the hosting company. A managed server has 24/7 support package offered. A very minimal support option is offered when one opts for an Unmanaged Server.


Managed Servers come with a support staff which offers assistance while installation and maintenance. Routine backups and monitoring is as well carried out by the hosting company. All the issues with the server are fixed by the support staff. Unmanaged servers do not come with support staff. It involves just the installation of the operating system. The backups, maintenance, troubleshooting and software installation are carried out by the customers.

An unmanaged server offers a host of benefits to the user. A complete control is offered when a customer purchases an unmanaged server. Customization can be done to meet the requirements of the customer. The security measures, the storage space and the bandwidth usage are completely managed by the customer. Unmanaged servers are quite cheaper. This is mainly because there is no overhead in form of support staff or system administrators.

Though there is an advantage of complete control, it is quite difficult to manage an unmanaged server. All security patches must be remotely installed. It is solely the responsibility of the customer to fix all the errors without any aid from the hosting company. The hosting company wouldn’t take any responsibility for the server downtime unless network or hardware issues. The maximum help provided would be that the hosting company may reboot the server but it would take considerable time to process the request.

If one has the right staff and technical knowledge to maintain the server, then an unmanaged server would be a cheaper solution. If not, then the amount of server downtime and training costs may prove out to be quite expensive. The hosting company would also replace any failed components. The user has the complete control over the server. All the security patches and fixing of error messages needs to be done by the user itself. Many hosting companies don’t even offer web server software or a control panel while purchasing unmanaged software.

Unmanaged hosting offers a complete control to the user. Total freedom and sole access over the server seems a good option when one has the right team with the right knowledge to work on. If one is comfortable with their operating system, they shouldn’t be facing any issues with an unmanaged server. If the user has issues with the installation of control panel itself then its better they ask for help from the hosting company. A managed hosting wouldn’t require much expertise and would involve quite less work. This would certainly have intervention from the third party hosting company. US unmanaged servers come with reliable hosting services and round the clock sophisticated options to manage the server well without any hassles.

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