Top 5 Reasons To Upgrade To A Cloud Server

Simply put, cloud servers are virtual server hosted in a cloud computing environment. That sounds similar to Virtual Private Server Hosting or VPS and in principle it is true. The difference between a cloud server and a VPS lies in the hosting technology they are based on. While a VPS hosting account is hosted from one server and makes use of the software installed on the server, your cloud server has all the software it needs for itself and isn’t dependent on one server.  This technology removes several limitations while keeping the costs low, let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons to upgrade to a cloud server:


  1. Adaptability – A cloud server can be completely adapted to your business’ requirements. The ability to modify server software has no limitations and includes all the software and operating system kernel. In addition to that, software updates on cloud servers are also managed by the service provider, freeing you up from those duties and costs.
  2. Flexibility – Flexibility is one of the most attractive benefits of cloud servers. Your business can get what it needs and when it needs it, no embarrassing downtime due to a sudden peak in traffic. Bandwidth is one of those things that businesses can predict but not guarantee. You are always going to end up buying a little more or little less than what your business actually need at the end of the month. It may not look like a lot of money, but it adds up.
  3. Stability – Cloud servers are stable because they don’t take out all the accounts on a server when a problem arises with one of them. A secret is, software issues are isolated to the account which is experiencing an issue. The hardware for each cloud server is also dedicated, therefore, hardware issues can also be easily dealt with.
  4. Savings – What is better than, adaptability, flexibility and stability? Savings! At the moment, cloud servers offer the best cost to benefits ratio across all types of web hosting services. Dedicated servers too, that’s right, it is not only cheaper than standard dedicated servers, but offers more resources and higher speeds as well.
  5. Scalability – With the present covered, cloud servers are also prepared to embrace your growth, regardless of speed and time. Adding upgrades like CPU, RAM and storage space is not just fast and easy it is also less expensive compared to the time and costs needed for upgrading dedicated or VPS servers.

Cloud servers are the future of web hosting consult your web hosting account manager to know how you can benefit from upgrading your account to a cloud server.

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