Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress offers a lot of great features including security measures to make your life easy for managing a website, but you have to also make some extra efforts to ensure your data remains protected. However, you must still backup the WordPress security plugins you use and follow all the WordPress security tips that can’t be automated by these WordPress security plugins.

Following up on our previous post on WordPress security tips, we dug deeper and found certain WordPress security plugins that can automate most security fixes for you. Here we go:


  1. WP Security Scan: It is a great plugin for do-it-yourself admins because it not only scans your WordPress powered website for security vulnerabilities but offers useful tips to resolve them.
  2. Security Ninja: This premium plugin is actively supported by the developer. It checks for all known vulnerabilities and provides code snippets for quick fixes for known loopholes and vulnerabilities.
  3. Fortwave: An all in one security plugin for WordPress, it includes a firewall, malware and reputation scanner, secured-simplified login, brute force attack detection, backup, WordPress core scanner, and more.
  4. Antivirus: A WordPress security plugin which does exactly what its name suggests for your WordPress backend. It is designed to protect your blog from bots viruses and malwares.
  5. BulletProof Security Pro: This plugin dedicated to protecting “wp-admin” folder from threats like CSRF, Base64, XSS, RFI, SQL Injection and Code Injection hacking trials.
  6. Ask Apache Password Protect: Add multiple layers of security to your blog with Ask Apache Password Protect plugin.
  7. Admin SSL Secure Plugin: Use this with plugins like Stealth Login and User Locker to keep your admin panel secure. Admin SSL Secure is based on SSL encryption and keeps authorized users away from your admin panel.
  8. Stealth Login: Most hacking and brute force bots look for and attack the default settings. By implementing stealth login plugin you can change the default web address of the page you use for login and registering logout.
  9. User Locker: It protects your website from Brute force attacks by limiting the login attempts for a period of time after a fixed number of failed tries. You can control the number of attempts, retry time and logout length in the plugins settings.
  10. WP-DBManager: It is a complete database manager and allows performing tasks like automated backup schedule, database optimizing, repair, backup, restore, deleting backup, dropping or cleaning the tables and other queries.

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