Why Do I Need a Website for My Business?

Internet has transcended borders, generations and cultures, yet there are businesses that aren’t on the web. They may not have a product they consider worth selling online through a website or may think their business is too small to be on the Internet. While conventional wisdom would justify the above reasons, Internet has evolved and so have users! Today, people go online to research about products and services they need. If you don’t have a website, chances are they will find your competitors who have a website. If you are wondering, why do I need a website for my business, read on to learn how your business can benefit from a website.


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7 Simple Ways to Secure and Protect Your Privacy Online

When you are online, everything you do is tracked. Sometimes your activity is tracked by multiple companies who sell this information to other interested parties. Try pipl.com to check how many companies have your address, phone number, income etc. Your information is money for the good, the bad and they ugly. It can be used to sell products, target you in customized advertisements or steal from you.

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Host Surf UK Announces Web Design Services

UK hosting provider Host Surf UK announced recently it has added Web Design Services to its product range. Three packages have been specifically put together however custom quotes based on users requirements are available.

Web design services are a popular service for web hosting providers to offer to their existing customers. Host Surf UK will not only offer such services to existing customers but customers who are just starting out with their online presence.

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Google To Soon Favour HTTPS

You be used to seeing websites with the prefix HTTP and only when you are on a shopping cart or login area you will see HTTPS and if one some browsers this doesn’t display it will show as padlock. These are known as SSL Certificates and are widely used by websites processing sensitive information to encrypt the connections between themselves and their visitor’s computers.

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New Domain TLDs Should You Buy or Not?

Before you buy any new domains its always best to make sure you have the main ones first like .com, .net, org and your country TLD plus any TLDs of the countries you target. You can buy new TLDs related to your business, interest and niche.

You can also buy TLDs for specific countries like .london and .newyork so you can target specific cities.

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