Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress offers a lot of great features including security measures to make your life easy for managing a website, but you have to also make some extra efforts to ensure your data remains protected. However, you must still backup the WordPress security plugins you use and follow all the WordPress security tips that can’t be automated by these WordPress security plugins.

Following up on our previous post on WordPress security tips, we dug deeper and found certain WordPress security plugins that can automate most security fixes for you. Here we go:


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Top 7 Security Tips and Tweaks for WordPress

WordPress is a great CMS, we use it for this blog! It is the most popular CMS platform in use on the Internet today. People use it for blogs, websites and eCommerce as well as other purposes. When a software is this popular, it attracts positive and negative attention. A website that uses WordPress as its CMS has to make sure it takes measures to implement basic security. Relying completely on WordPress to provide security can be dangerous and lead to a hacked website. While managed WordPress hosting is a great idea to let the service provider handle the updates and basic security, there are a few things you can do to protect your website. Today, we’ve put together the top 7 security tips and tweaks for WordPress based blogs, websites and eCommerce sites.


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Here Are The Basics Of Protecting Your Dedicated Server From DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks are capable of taking a website down in minutes. They can also considerably reduce the capacity of a network or a datacenter. DDoS protection scripts, firewall software and other traditional prevention systems are not likely to be able to hold for long. DDoS protection exists but it can be expensive as it’s an additional cost which is more or less similar to insurance. DDoS scripts can scan the web for servers with known vulnerabilities and exploit them. Even though most servers can’t be completely prepared to prevent DDoS attacks, you can take some measures to minimize the risks. We have put together some tips to help you get the basics out of the way.

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The Pirate Bay is Down

World’s most resilient piracy website was taken down on Tuesday. The Pirate Bay is still down. Users have been waiting for a couple of days now to see if the site will come back online again. Alternative torrent websites that are still online are reporting 5-10% spike in traffic.


According to sources, Swedish police took it up on themselves in Stockholm to raid and seize servers, computers and other equipment that powered website. The police has also arrested a crew and the chances of the site’s comeback may also depend on the information this unidentified crew member gives up. Since it was taken down, many mirrors have popped up with old, inaccurate content but none are fully operational at the moment. Some are probably honeypot for malware and should be avoided. While some reports suggest that seems to be the site’s new home.


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Types Of Security To Protect A Dedicated Server From DDoS Attack

A dedicated server exists to serve a company’s employees, clients or visitors and its worst nightmare is a DDoS attack. A DDoS attack doesn’t paralyze the server, it stops everyone else from accessing it. Hypothetically, if a dedicated server can handle 100 visitors in a minute, an attacker has to send only 100 requests per minute to deny legitimate users access to the server. The perpetrator of a DDoS attack may target a web server to damage the brand it is serving, for activism, etc. or simply because they didn’t have anything else to do! Unfortunately, targeting a server for DDoS attack is quite easy.


These days DDoS attacks vary in size, technique and sophistication. However, since they serve the same purpose, you can secure your server by taking defensive measures to prepare it for an attack. Given that any server without adequate security measures is vulnerable to an attack, below we have listed the


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Sony Pictures Hacked: Massive Attack Paralysed The Company For At Least Two Days

Sony Pictures Hacked

Sony Picture Entertainment’s internal network was paralysed in a massive hack. The breach triggered in a complete shut down of all the systems. While employees resorted to using pen and paper, IT was unable to resolve the issue for two days.


According to Variety, after Sony Pictures Hacked, internal IT had to advised all its employees not to connect to corporate network or emails and to shut down their computers and to disconnect Wi-Fi on mobile devices. The hack did not impact Sony’s other divisions.
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Host Surf UK is Offering a FREE XBOX ONE + FIFA 15 BUNDLE with its Dedicated Server Packages


The Holiday season has started early at Host Surf UK. The dedicated hosting provider is offering a Free XBOX One and the FIFA 15 Bundle with its Windows dedicated server packages.


UK based dedicated server specialist, Host Surf UK, has launched the Christmas sales promotion you’ve been waiting for. Buy that Windows Dedicated Server you’ve always wanted from Host Surf UK and get a XBOX One with FIFA 15 for Christmas present. The offer is open for existing and new customers who order a new Windows dedicated server before 31st December, 2014.


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Host Surf UK Upgrades Servers To cPanel 11.46

Host Surf UK has completed its upgrade of all its UK servers to the latest version of cPanel 11.46. All of Host Surf UK’s shared and reseller hosting servers have been upgrade to the new cPanel version and the brand new theme Paper Lantern.


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5 cPanel Tips for Beginners

cPanel is the world’s most popular web based control panel for managing web hosting accounts. It has been designed to be user friendly and easy for first time users to find what they need. It is also easy to find tutorials and assistance for a task you need help with. If you are just getting started, the various web hosting terms and functions may take some getting used to, take a look at these 5 cPanel tips for beginners to help you get started.


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HTTPS is vulnerable to the Poodle bug – Disable SSL 3.0 now!

Poodle bug


Web browser and server software are vulnerable to the Poodle bug. Attackers can exploit the framework of SSL 3.0 to intercept encrypted information and gain access to email, bank accounts, etc. It has been established that the vulnerability is so deeply rooted in SSL 3.0 that it cannot be fixed by a patch. All software like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer are vulnerable. The only solution to secure software that support it is to completely stop using SSL 3.0 and use TLS only.


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