Install these WordPress Plugins – User Experience Edition

I rate WordPress as the best of all the CMS I’ve worked with. And I’ve worked with most of them! I use many plugins to enhance the productivity and user experience of my visitors. In the last few posts we discussed security plugins, today we take a look at plugins that help improve your visitor’s experience.

Fight spam with Akismet: Comments are just as important as spam is annoying. As your blog grows, you’ll notice spam comments go up from a few dozen a day to thousands every day over time. It is not easy to manually filter spam from actual comments. Allowing them to be visible on your blog is suicidal! The best free way to fight WordPress comment spam is


with Akismet, the trusted plugin that now comes preinstalled. Create an account and activate it to automatically filter comment spam.

Create Featured Content with Featured Content Gallery: If there is one feature that every WordPress user wished it had by default at some point, it is the option to highlight a blog post by making it a featured post. We’ve found the perfect plugin for you to do just that. Featured Content Gallery lets you add an automated rotating image gallery of your posts or pages anywhere in your blog. It comes with many advanced options to give you complete control over your featured content.

Engage users with Top Commentators: Remember those employees of the month pictures displayed prominently in stores and supermarkets? They promote a healthy competition which increasing the productivity at workplace. You can use the same formula to recognize top commenters and recognize them for their effort. It will increase discussion among readers and be a win – win for both you and your commenters.

Engage through social media with Floating Social: Social media offers tons of free publicity. When your readers like something they read, they tend to share it on one or more social media networks. A link on a social media stays there forever. Also, it isn’t one of those advertisements that everyone is trying to avoid or block, people actually look up link shared in social media. Use this powerful tool to increase traffic to your blog.

Tweet with TweetDis: Twitter is adding new users every day. You can also use the Twitter plugin to tweet about new blog posts. When your link is shared on Twitter it is likely to carry more weight. Twitter plugins are quite popular and recommended if you do not want to use a social plugin and display sharing options for several social networks. Most people consider Facebook as personal and Twitter as a professional medium of sharing content.

That’s all for now, come back next week for my list of plugins that’ll help you improve WordPress management and enhance your productivity.

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