Install these WordPress Plugins – Backend Management Edition

WordPress is the most popular CMS in use. We did the research for you and presented plugins that help enhance security and user experience in the past few weeks. Today, we take a look at WordPress plugins which will help you manage your WordPress back end with one click. Install these WordPress plugins for one click backend management. They not only make your life easy but ensure continuity.

Improve search engine rankings with Yoast: Once in a while we see a product that transcends the boundaries between beginners and experts, software like WordPress. Yoast fits that description perfectly in making it easy for anyone to optimize their blog for search engines. It is great at


handling keywords, meta descriptions and other mundane SEO tasks. It does not optimize for any search engine in specific so you get the best possible exposure for a higher rank in not just Google but Yahoo, Bing and other search engines as well.

Speed up your site with W3 Total Cache: High load times can discourage users from revisiting your site often. First time visitors may decided to simply go to another site if yours is taking too long to load! A caching plugin like the W3 Total Cache performs browser and object caching. It caches site’s assets on user’s client so the first time your WordPress site loads it takes the time WordPress normally would. This ensures that users don’t have to download all the assets every time they go to a new page. Technical jargon aside, it significantly lowers the page load time for any WordPress website.

Optimize images with WP As you’ve learnt above speed is king and images are some of the heaviest – most time consuming objects if they aren’t optimized optimally! If you have tons of images on your site, it is not practical to download and optimize each image one by one. WP is what you need in this scenario. It is designed to compress all the images stored in your WordPress database and get the best quality to size ratio. Some images can be compressed up to 40% which means that it will load 40% faster!

Manage your database with WP-DBManager: Unlike HTML or PHP based CMS in the last decade, WordPress is built completely around databases, therefore the most important part of a WordPress website is it database. Like any backend, keeping the WordPress database healthy results in a reliable WordPress blog or website. Any fluff in the database can corrupt it or slow it down. Manually this task is near impossible, use WP-DBManager to perform regular one click maintenance on your blog.

Manage backup and security with VaultPress: WordPress is a secure platform on its own but its popularity attracts a lot of spammers, hackers, viruses, malicious software, etc. we talked about securing WordPress with a few security tips and tricks and certain plugins in this post and this one as well. In addition to all of the above tips and plugins, you may also want to take a look at VaultPress. I like it because just like a virus scanner on your PC, it scans your database every day for many possible issues and is capable of fixing it with one click.

If you have any questions about these plugins, feel free to contact the developers of the respective plugin.

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