Google To Soon Favour HTTPS

You be used to seeing websites with the prefix HTTP and only when you are on a shopping cart or login area you will see HTTPS and if one some browsers this doesn’t display it will show as padlock. These are known as SSL Certificates and are widely used by websites processing sensitive information to encrypt the connections between themselves and their visitor’s computers.

Website owners will soon have another reason to use a SSL Certificates on their sites, as Google is looking at giving priority preference in search results to sites using a HTTPS secure connection rather than the http connection. Google have said at the moment HTTPS sites ranking is somewhat low at the moment, high-quality content is still the most important factor. However Google has stated that it might to choose to increase the effectiveness of ranking sites based on HTTPS.

Google itself is expanding its own use of encryption including Google searches and Gmail. All messages moving internally on Google’s servers will be encrypted with HTTPS. Gmail did offer an option for HTTPS but no longer has an option to disable this.

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