Cloud Servers vs Shared Hosting vs VPS vs Dedicated Server

I’ve been working in the web hosting field for over a decade now and I’ve seen almost all the changes that have shaped this industry into what it has become today. There have been some small and some major innovations but with cloud hosting, I felt that we finally had a product which offered the best of all that came before it. However, for anyone new to the world of web hosting it adds another piece in a complicated puzzle. To make it easy for those wondering about the right option for them, we bring this concise guide


to help determine which type of web hosting is suitable for your requirements.

Shared Hosting – This bestselling, low cost flavor of hosting works for beginners, soccer moms, seasoned professionals and just about everyone. You get what you need for a new low traffic website in a limited environment. You can handle most day to day self explanatory technical operations yourself with little or no help from the service provider. The catch here is shared resources. With a growing website, you’ll always have one foot out of the door towards and upgrade.

VPS Hosting – VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is more or less shared hosting with virtually dedicated resources. You don’t get complete control over hardware and software but have some control over the hosting environment and resources. Unlike shared hosting your bandwidth and disk space usage will be limited. Your service provider may not hold your hand through all the technical decisions but offer technical support for what they provide. Hence, it is more suitable for websites that are resource hungry and users who have some experience with web hosting.

Dedicated Hosting – When your website outgrows shared hosting, dedicated server is a full upgrade. You lease an entire server and the resources you need are only available to your website, no more sharing. You get complete access to the hardware and the software installed in the server. It is only meant for advanced users as service providers do not offer technical support for software issues. Most dedicated server lessees are either server administrators or hire a server admin.

Cloud Hosting – cloud hosting can be best explained by saying, server is software. You can increase the amount of hardware and other hosting resources you need depending on your current requirements, billed by the hour. This level of reliability and scalability allows cloud hosting to outperform dedicated server in the long run for a business of any size. It also makes hardware failure just a momentary glitch that no one will ever notice. Cloud hosting needs moderate knowledge of web hosting and is best suited for users who do not know what they need when they are getting started.


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