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Host Surf UK New Look

We have been working hard on a new site design which went live last week. The new site has been designed not only for users on computer but for those on the go using mobiles, tablets etc. Our new design will resize on any device or screen for you to view and see the content as when you need too. As Host Surf UK customer you can also access My.HostSurf where you can manage your account on your mobile friendly version of My.HostSurf.

As well as the new design we’ve added Unmanaged VPS packages from £16.99 per month as well as new additional Unmanaged Dedicated Servers.


The Pirate Bay is Down

World’s most resilient piracy website was taken down on Tuesday. The Pirate Bay is still down. Users have been waiting for a couple of days now to see if the site will come back online again. Alternative torrent websites that are still online are reporting 5-10% spike in traffic.


According to sources, Swedish police took it up on themselves in Stockholm to raid and seize servers, computers and other equipment that powered website. The police has also arrested a crew and the chances of the site’s comeback may also depend on the information this unidentified crew member gives up. Since it was taken down, many mirrors have popped up with old, inaccurate content but none are fully operational at the moment. Some are probably honeypot for malware and should be avoided. While some reports suggest that seems to be the site’s new home.


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Sony Pictures Hacked: Massive Attack Paralysed The Company For At Least Two Days

Sony Pictures Hacked

Sony Picture Entertainment’s internal network was paralysed in a massive hack. The breach triggered in a complete shut down of all the systems. While employees resorted to using pen and paper, IT was unable to resolve the issue for two days.


According to Variety, after Sony Pictures Hacked, internal IT had to advised all its employees not to connect to corporate network or emails and to shut down their computers and to disconnect Wi-Fi on mobile devices. The hack did not impact Sony’s other divisions.
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Host Surf UK is Offering a FREE XBOX ONE + FIFA 15 BUNDLE with its Dedicated Server Packages


The Holiday season has started early at Host Surf UK. The dedicated hosting provider is offering a Free XBOX One and the FIFA 15 Bundle with its Windows dedicated server packages.


UK based dedicated server specialist, Host Surf UK, has launched the Christmas sales promotion you’ve been waiting for. Buy that Windows Dedicated Server you’ve always wanted from Host Surf UK and get a XBOX One with FIFA 15 for Christmas present. The offer is open for existing and new customers who order a new Windows dedicated server before 31st December, 2014.


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HTTPS is vulnerable to the Poodle bug – Disable SSL 3.0 now!

Poodle bug


Web browser and server software are vulnerable to the Poodle bug. Attackers can exploit the framework of SSL 3.0 to intercept encrypted information and gain access to email, bank accounts, etc. It has been established that the vulnerability is so deeply rooted in SSL 3.0 that it cannot be fixed by a patch. All software like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer are vulnerable. The only solution to secure software that support it is to completely stop using SSL 3.0 and use TLS only.


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Host Surf UK Announces Web Design Services

UK hosting provider Host Surf UK announced recently it has added Web Design Services to its product range. Three packages have been specifically put together however custom quotes based on users requirements are available.

Web design services are a popular service for web hosting providers to offer to their existing customers. Host Surf UK will not only offer such services to existing customers but customers who are just starting out with their online presence.

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