Benefits of Unmanaged and Managed Dedicated Servers

You might have heard of the dedicated servers, these are the servers which you can exclusively use for yourself – meaning that you don’t have to share it with anyone else. This helps to customize the site as you wish to. Also, it is believed to be more secure than the shared servers for obvious reasons. Due to this reason, those websites which receive huge traffic are often suggested to take up dedicated hosting services.


Types of dedicated servers

Now these dedicated servers can also be categorized into two types – managed and unmanaged. Managed dedicated servers are those where your servers are maintained by a company. You just send all your data through the server and they take care of the rest. This type of managers, monitor the server 24/7 and are often open for customer support for that whole time. These companies also help in taking care of the spam filtering, virus scanning, updating, and so on.

Unmanaged dedicated servers on the other hand, are those where you are the sole controller of your server. You are in charge of its maintenance. This works extremely well if you are well accustomed to the detailing of web development.

Advantages of each type of server

Both unmanaged and managed servers have their own advantages. The advantages of managed servers are:

  1. Security: When you are paying an experienced company for the management of your server, they ensure that your server is security tested and provide timely updates if needed to enhance your security measures.
  2. Expert guarantee: With managed services you get the protection from the experts in the field. This ensures that anything minute to major is well taken care of within the due time.
  3. Reliability: the reliability is a big factor. Provided you choose the right server management company, you will get assistance and a big part of your website building can be shared. There are already so many things to take care of while building a website, why handle all of it alone? Managed servers take care of all the technical details of your website.

While these are pretty much the good sides of managed servers, if you can maintain your own server and handle all the details of it, then nothing like it. Some advantages of the unmanaged dedicated servers, thus, are:

  1. Expand as much as you want: This is the best part of having unmanaged servers. You can get the bandwidth, the storage space, the memory, etc, all according to your needs. There will be no one restricting the usage of these for you.
  2. Cost effective: why would you pay someone else to do something which you can already do? Apart from the fact that it provides you with so much freedom? The hosting companies provide unmanaged servers in a lot less price than they provide the managed servers.
  3. Fully customizable: If you ask me, this is the best part of having an unmanaged server – you can customize it anytime as per your customers’ needs.

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