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Everything You Need to Know about Bitcoins

PaywithBitcoinsIf you hang out on the Internet regularly, you probably have heard about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that works without having anyone in the middle. That means that money is exchanged from one person to another directly. Servers verify transactions and data is recorded and published on the Internet, primarily a ledger of transactions.

So, how is this different from regular transactions?
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Host Surf UK New Look

We have been working hard on a new site design which went live last week. The new site has been designed not only for users on computer but for those on the go using mobiles, tablets etc. Our new design will resize on any device or screen for you to view and see the content as when you need too. As Host Surf UK customer you can also access My.HostSurf where you can manage your account on your mobile friendly version of My.HostSurf.

As well as the new design we’ve added Unmanaged VPS packages from £16.99 per month as well as new additional Unmanaged Dedicated Servers.


US Unmanaged Servers

Whenever a dedicated server is purchased from a third party company that is hosting the server, one is presented with a choice of opting for an unmanaged or managed server. The choice is basically about the kind of support offered by the hosting company. A managed server has 24/7 support package offered. A very minimal support option is offered when one opts for an Unmanaged Server.


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Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

Social media is quite an alluring tool for start-ups and other businesses when it comes to marketing the business. There isn’t anything that can beat social media when it comes to quickly propelling any business. Social media provides the right momentum that any business establishment would need. However, one needs to be right when it comes to using social media. It is best to know how to use the tool and the mistakes businesses must avoid while using it.


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How Can Backlinks Help In Growing Audience?

There are a lot of ways through which one can boost the exposure of their website. Getting customer reviews and creating Facebook posts also help to certain extent. One of the Search Engine Optimization technique as well helps in growing audience.


A backlink refers to the link of your website on some other website which points to the content that is available on your website. Backlinks could be added by the authors of the website or could be a link posted in the comment section.


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Benefits of Unmanaged and Managed Dedicated Servers

You might have heard of the dedicated servers, these are the servers which you can exclusively use for yourself – meaning that you don’t have to share it with anyone else. This helps to customize the site as you wish to. Also, it is believed to be more secure than the shared servers for obvious reasons. Due to this reason, those websites which receive huge traffic are often suggested to take up dedicated hosting services.


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Host Surf UK Upgrades Servers To cPanel 11.46

Host Surf UK has completed its upgrade of all its UK servers to the latest version of cPanel 11.46. All of Host Surf UK’s shared and reseller hosting servers have been upgrade to the new cPanel version and the brand new theme Paper Lantern.


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